The Valentina

A collection inspired by pieces that would be found in the jewelry box of a modern-day Aphrodite. 


The Valentina is an asymmetrical, statement piece that moves effortlessly. Although each size varies, each one measures at about 2 inches wide to 3.5/4 inches long from top-to-bottom. 



Please note: 


- The Valentina is made with the same shapes, but are assembled with asymmetry and unique movement in mind and shape will vary from piece-to-piece


- This specific piece is made-to-order, and will ship after 5-7 business days after purchase. 


- This piece is made with sensitive ears in mind using nickel-free posts. 


- Since each piece is custom pigmented, the color of the piece may slightly vary from batch to batch and appear differently than it does on the screen. 


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